Sunflower Field

Written on May 27, 2019

The Western District Historical Society (WDHS) has planted their sunflower field this year at the historic Klaiber Barn. 

Last year was the first year that the WDHS had planted a sunflower field and there was a great response from the community, so they have chosen to plant again for this summer. 

“Many years ago in that field, there was a sunflower field, so we are trying to recreate that on a smaller scale,” said Darlene Domaschuk Secretary of the WDHS. 

Historically taller sunflowers were planted and harvested in that area, the ones planted now are more ornamental. 

As the sunflower field is planted on private property the WDHS works to arrange public access, “We set up viewings and times when the public can come out, It’s usually in early August that we start having sessions out there,” said Domaschuk. 

In 2018 during the first year, there were many people who used the space for photo shoots for weddings and family photos, as to come out and enjoy the beauty of the area. 

Domaschuk went on to say, “We also have had events out there where we’ve invited the public to come out and get their pictures taken, photographers book the field to bring their clients out for photo sessions and its just a really nice little visit out there.” 

The hope for this year is to encourage more people to come and enjoy the field once it starts to bloom.