Communities in Bloom – Spring Workshop 2018

Communities in Bloom (CIB) is a volunteer based, Canadian non-profit organization, committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, beautification and to improving quality of life through community participation. The provincial Communities in Bloom organization encourages communities to achieve these goals by judging how well they have. At some point this summer, judges will arrive in Strathmore to see how well the town is achieving in the area of Tidiness, Environmental Action, Urban Forestry, Landscape, Floral Displays and Heritage Conservation. CIB Strathmore is thrilled to partner with the Western District Historical Society to explain to the judges how Strathmore is supporting Heritage Conservation. The “On this Spot” App will be highlighted for the judges in both our Community Profile Book and during the tour. CIB Strathmore plans to host the judges with the Western District Historical Society at the Demonstration Farm Barn. CIB Strathmore believes the Western District Historical Society is an excellent example of community participation fostering civic pride.